Dear Customer,

Particularly desirable for traditional or ´primitive` bowmen like us is to own and shoot a bow which is as authentic as possible and which has been individually crafted.

Naturally (and fortunately), these bows cannot yet be made on the production line. As a rule, please allow between 1 and 14 month for delivery of customized bows made especially for you (note: the longer a bow equipped with sinew can be `matured´, the higher its quality. However, a large quantity of bows is permanently in stock and can be shipped to you on receipt of order.

Please state your exact specifications when ordering, and remember that a wide range of colours and versions are available. Delivery charges will be billed to the customer’s account (shipping and handlind of a parcel with bows to e.g. the U.S.A.: either Air Mail Priority for $29, or Economy Mail for $22). VISA-, Mastercard or int. money order check accepted. All funds are in US $.

Guarantees on bows are one year of normal use: repair or replacement at my discretion (customer pays shipping). A sensitive tolerance of + – 1 lbs is accepted as standard in bow-making. Seller’s liability shall be limited to replacement of goods for any defects in the workmanship. Court of jurisdiction is Kuopio/Finland. The Terms of Business and Delivery generally in force in Finland and the European Union shall apply. Any orders will be processed by us in good faith.

The Composite Bows might be painted highly decorated to the customers taste.

We also carry a small but fine selection of european archery, e.g. different types of Stone Age Bows, Nordic Early Iron Age Bows, Vikingbows, English Longbows, and also Traditional Crossbows or modern Flatbows.

We will be pleased to answer any question you may have.


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